Healthcare News September 18, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Will Romney get specific on Medicare?

    Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign pledged Monday to offer more specifics about the GOP nominee’s policy proposals. Will that extend to healthcare? And, if so, will that help or hurt Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan?

    Romney and Ryan have so far managed to avoid a serious policy debate about their healthcare plans, including their controversial plan to partially privatize Medicare. Although Ryan often says, “we want this debate,” the campaign’s actual strategy has been to neutralize the debate by preemptively attacking President Obama.

    Delving into more policy specifics on healthcare and Medicare could open Romney and Ryan up to deeper criticism from Obama on an issue where he already has a distinct advantage. Although the president’s healthcare law isn’t especially popular with voters, they still say Obama would do a better job on healthcare issues than Romney.

    The Hill has the story on Romney’s pledge for policy details. And in case you missed it, we also delved into the reasons why Obama polls better on healthcare despite uncertainty about his signature healthcare law.

    Medicare, too: The New York Times had a similar angle over the weekend, examining President Obama’s lead specifically on Medicare. The paper’s latest poll showed Obama with a newfound advantage on the issue of Medicare, and more than 75 percent said they favor preserving the existing program instead of switching to one like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have proposed. The issue could also help Obama dislodge Romney’s lead among voters 65 and older. Here’s the NYT report.

  • Sebelius praises health law’s benefits for Latinos

    Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius praised the healthcare law for imparting benefits to the Latino community, which is less likely to have adequate healthcare than the population at large.

    In a statement marking Hispanic Heritage Month, Sebelius vowed to “renew our commitment to promote health and wellness for the Latino community.”

    “Too many Latinos live sicker and die younger in America than they should,” Sebelius said Monday. 

  • Calif. exchange wants TV shows to help tout Obama healthcare law

    A marketing plan adopted by insurance exchanges suggests using “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Modern Family” and “Biggest Loser” to promote the law. 

  • GOP bill would repeal Agriculture Dept. calorie caps on school lunches

    Rep. Steve King characterized his legislation, which would repeal the calorie guidelines, as an attack on the “misguided nanny state.”

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