Healthcare News September 11, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Medicare wars intensify

    Though not the great policy debate many expected, Medicare is still one of the most important issues of 2012.

  • Head US nun chastises Republican governors on Medicaid opt-out

    Faith leaders said rejecting the healthcare law’s expansion of coverage for the poor is “wholly incompatible” with the nation’s ideals.

  • Kaiser: Repealing health law raises Medicare costs for seniors, government

    Repealing President Obama’s healthcare law would raise seniors’ costs as well as federal spending, the Kaiser Family Foundation said Monday.

    The analysis bolsters Obama’s argument on Medicare. He has said Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plan to repeal the healthcare law would increase seniors’ costs immediately.

    Kaiser noted that the Affordable Care Act lowered seniors’ costs in several ways. Repealing it would therefore increase those costs. The law also makes several efforts to make the healthcare system more efficient.

    “Repeal of the ACA would undo these changes, raise costs for beneficiaries, and increase federal spending at a time when the nation is struggling to address the deficit and debt,” Kaiser’s brief states.

  • Planned Parenthood hits Romney with record-breaking ad buy

    Planned Parenthood’s political arm will hit Mitt Romney over abortion with new ads in Virginia and Ohio, the group announced Monday.

    The ad buy, worth $3.2 million, comes as part of the largest-ever campaign effort for Planned Parenthood Votes. The group has already invested $1.4 million on ads in Iowa, Florida and Virginia.

    A narrator says that Romney would “turn back the clock for women” in the new 30-second spot, which began airing Monday in Virginia. 

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