Healthcare News October 17, 2012

  • Romney bids for women’s support with new abortion ad

    Mitt Romney’s campaign is appealing to female voters with a new ad that seeks to counter criticism of the GOP nominee’s stance on abortion.

    The ad comes in the closing weeks of the presidential campaign as some polls show Romney gaining ground with swing-state women.

    Romney opposes abortions, except in the case of rape, incest or threats to the mother’s life. He has vowed to govern as a “pro-life president,” but recently downplayed his interest in pushing bills to limit abortion rights. 

  • Medicare, Obama health law get short debate time

    Healthcare issues received little attention in Tuesday night’s debate as President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney sparred over energy, tax and immigration policy.

    Medicare and Obama’s healthcare law did not arise until nearly halfway through the 90-minute match-up at Hofstra University in New York state, and even then, it didn’t receive specific questions from the town-hall audience.

    Obama and Romney responded by inserting their own healthcare attacks, but the second debate still represented a marked departure from the first, where “ObamaCare” and Medicare were among the event’s top buzzwords.

  • ‘Binders full of women’ goes viral

    Romney made the inadvertently funny remark in response to a question about the glass ceiling.

  • Obama brought up Planned Parenthood four times in debate

    President Obama brought up federal funding for Planned Parenthood four times in Tuesday’s debate, perhaps in a sign that he believes the issue can help him with female voters.

    Mitt Romney has been gaining ground with that crucial demographic since his much-touted performance in the first presidential debate on Oct 3.

    The GOP nominee has argued that federal funds need not go to Planned Parenthood to provide healthcare for low-income women. The group also provides abortions, making it a major target for conservatives. 

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