Healthcare News October 11, 2012

  • Romney vows to be ‘pro-life president’

    Mitt Romney sought to reassure anti-abortion-rights groups that he is on their side on Wednesday.

  • Christie backs Romney over abortion remark flap

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Mitt Romney is “pro-life and deeply committed to the issue,” defending the GOP nominee from accusations that he misrepresented his abortion views this week. 

    Romney received criticism Tuesday after saying abortion legislation was “not part of my agenda.” The former governor has promised to back a variety of anti-abortion measures, and his campaign later clarified that he is “proudly pro-life and will be a pro-life president.”

    For some conservatives, the flap could recall Romney’s past as a supporter of abortion rights. But Christie said Wednesday that “there is no change in position for Gov. Romney.” 

  • McCaskill releases series of attack ads featuring sexual assault victims

    In the ads, victims of sexual assault criticize Rep. Todd Akin’s position
    on emergency contraception.

  • Allen West slams opponent for Medicare cuts West backed

    Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is attacking his Democratic opponent for supporting $716 billion in Medicare cuts — the same cuts West backed when he voted for Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) budget plans.

    In a new ad, West blasts Patrick Murphy for supporting President Obama’s healthcare law, which cut Medicare spending by $716 billion. The 30-second spot features seniors calling Murphy “dangerous” to Medicare.

    But West voted for the same reductions when he supported Ryan’s last two budget plans. Both sets of cuts are aimed at extending Medicare’s lifetime.

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