Healthcare News November 9, 2012

  • Boehner: ‘ObamaCare is the law of the land’

    The Speaker quickly reaffirmed his commitment to abolishing the healthcare law after suggesting it would no longer be a priority.

  • CBO: Federal healthcare costs skyrocketing

    After an election in which both parties demonized cuts in Medicare spending, the Congressional Budget Office issued a reminder Thursday of the need to cut Medicare spending.

    Healthcare programs are quickly outgrowing their historical share of the federal budget, CBO said, and the cost of those programs will only grow faster as more Baby Boomers reach retirement and underlying healthcare costs continue to soar.

    CBO’s latest figures confirm what Republicans and Democrats acknowledge only selectively — that healthcare is a huge part of what’s driving federal spending and debt. Healthcare programs are eating up an ever-increasing share of the economy, while tax revenues and other domestic spending are holding relatively steady, CBO said.

  • Analysis: Planned Parenthood saw near perfect return on election spending

    Planned Parenthood trounced other groups with a near
    perfect return on its election spending, according to a new numbers

  • Health group asks Obama to stop eating junk food in public

    The group claims Obama’s junk-food habit glamorizes unhealthy eating before a country that already faces an obesity crisis.

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