Healthcare News May 3, 2013

  • Obama ‘very comfortable’ with lowered age for ‘morning-after pill’

    The FDA this week issued a rule that would allow women ages 15 and older to buy the emergency contraceptive.

  • Rep. Bera ‘concerned’ about ObamaCare implementation

    Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.) is the latest potentially vulnerable Democrat to say he’s “concerned” about how the Obama administration is implementing its signature healthcare law.

    One senior Democrat told The Hill this week that a botched ObamaCare rollout would be a threat to the party in 2014. And Bera, already a top target for Republicans, is clearly worried about the effects of a messy implementation process.

    “I’m moderately to very concerned,” Bera told the Sacramento Bee editorial board. “I have been consistently concerned about the cost of care going up.”

  • Adult suicide on the rise, CDC finds

    Federal health officials are calling for new attention on suicide in middle age after finding that more U.S. adults are taking their own lives.

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported Thursday that the rate of middle-aged suicide has risen “substantially” in the last decade and now surpasses the rate of car crash deaths.

    The agency speculated that the recent economic downturn and the wider availability of opioid prescription drugs may be responsible for the trend.

  • California Dems demand Holder, Sebelius probe mental patient ‘dumping’

    Twenty-one California Democrats have asked the Obama administration to investigate reports that mental health centers in Nevada are dumping their mental patients across state lines.

    The letter, led by Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.), is a response to a Sacramento Bee story that said Nevada clinics are putting psychiatric patients on buses with one-way tickets to California. They noted reports that as many as 1,500 patients have been dumped, which also burdens California with treatment costs.

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