Healthcare News May 25, 2013

  • Drug company pleads guilty to felony kickback scheme, pays $33.5M

    A pharmaceutical company is admitting that it marketed a drug for unapproved uses and tried to buy off doctors with golf outings and wine tastings.

    On Friday, ISTA Pharmaceuticals pled guilty to conspiracy to introduce a misbranded drug and to pay illegal kickbacks for its eye drug Xibrom.

  • GOP widens Sebelius probe

    Republicans want insurers to provide information on Sebelius's requests for fundraising for group promoting ObamaCare. 

  • New obesity drug could hit US market in 2014

    Novo Nordisk’s new obesity drug could hit the American market in late 2014, adding competition as consumers and healthcare stakeholders seek to shrink U.S. waistlines.

    The Danish drug company said Thursday that its injectable liraglutide treatment resulted in an average weight loss of 8 percent in a final-stage clinical trial.

    The drug would cost about $25 per day, or about five times as much as rival treatments. 

  • House panel to share framework for Medicare payment overhaul

    A top House panel will meet with healthcare stakeholders next week to release its framework for overhauling Medicare’s flawed physician payment formula.

    The Energy and Commerce Committee will hold its meeting at 11 a.m. Tuesday, according to an email from majority staff. Lawmakers will be in their districts for Memorial Day recess.

    The panel had previously released a draft plan for a permanent “doc fix” in conjunction with the Ways and Means Committee. 

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