Healthcare News May 16, 2013

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: House to vote on ObamaCare repeal

    The House will vote Thursday to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law. Spoiler alert: The bill will pass. The healthcare law will not be repealed.

    The real question surrounding Thursday’s vote is whether it will open the door to a more targeted focus on specific provisions in the healthcare law, such as the tax on medical devices or the controversial new panel tasked with slowing the growth in Medicare spending. 

    The vote on full repeal was scheduled after Republican leaders had to pull a bill to reprogram money from one part of ObamaCare to another. Conservatives feared they would be seen as trying to fix the healthcare law rather than waging a futile campaign to repeal it entirely, and said freshmen needed a chance to vote on full repeal before they were asked to support partial measures.

    Conservatives still oppose the bill GOP leaders had to pull, but say freshmen might be better able now to support bills aimed at other specific provisions.

    The rule: The House Rules Committee has chosen to bring the repeal bill to the floor Thursday under a closed rule, which prohibits amendments. The two sides will debate for two hours before the vote. One motion to recommit will be permitted.

    No new score: Without releasing new figures, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday that the repeal bill will increase the budget deficit. Read about that notice, which cited last year’s estimate, at Healthwatch.

  • Senate votes 91-7 to confirm Tavenner to head Medicare, Medicaid Services

    The Senate confirmed President Obama’s nominee to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

    On Wednesday, the Senate voted 91-7 for Marilyn Tavenner to lead CMS, which hasn’t had a Senate-confirmed administrator in seven years.

  • House GOP knocks healthcare reform in ‘Arrested Development’ spoof

    House Republicans are jumping on the recent woes of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and tying the agency’s credibility to its forthcoming role in implementing President Obama’s healthcare reform.

  • Dem leaders: IRS controversy won’t undermine ObamaCare implementation

    Republicans have said the recent revelation that IRS officials had targeted conservative groups leaves the agency with no credibility.

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