Healthcare News May 10, 2013

  • Obama to tout health law’s benefits for women at Friday event

    President Obama will make a public defense of his signature healthcare law, using Mother’s Day as a backdrop.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Pelosi brushes off ObamaCare worries

    Well, there’s at least one Democrat who’s still saying good things about ObamaCare: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.). Pelosi on Thursday said the healthcare law will be a “remarkable” thing once it’s implemented, and that Democrats will be happy once it’s in effect next year.

    Pelosi’s upbeat tone is a departure from recent Democratic hand-wringing over the law and its implementation. Many Democrats, notably Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), have fretted openly about whether the White House is properly handling the law’s rollout, and say they’re afraid the law will be  a drag on the party in 2014.

    Pelosi, though, said the healthcare law will be a good thing.

  • GOP lawmaker: My stomach surgery could add 20 years to my life

    A congressman who underwent gastric bypass surgery around the same time that Chris Christie (R) had lap band surgery is cheering on the New Jersey governor.

    Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) disclosed last week that he has shed 60 pounds since his February surgery. The lawmaker, 41, told ITK that his doctor said it would add 20 years to his life.

    Like Christie, Reed is also a dad. “Governor Christie’s decision to undergo surgery for the sake of his family is one I can certainly relate to, and one I applaud him for,” Reed told ITK in an email.

    In a Tuesday interview with NBC News, Christie said his wife and four children were a big part of his decision to have the surgery: “I really just felt like for Mary Pat and for the kids that I needed to take a more, a more significant step to try to get my weight under control so that I could have a really active next half of my life.”

  • Ky. governor backs ObamaCare Medicaid expansion

    Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear said Thursday he supports the Medicaid expansion in President Obama’s healthcare law — the last Democratic governor to sign on.

    Republican-controlled legislatures have killed the Medicaid expansion in some states where the governor has embraced it, and the same could happen in Kentucky. But Beshear’s endorsement at least sews up support from all of the country’s Democratic governors, in addition to several high-profile Republicans.

    Beshear said the Medicaid expansion would cover 308,000 Kentuckians — about half of the uninsured population in the state.

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