Healthcare News March 31, 2013

  • Ingenious Med Announces New Outpatient Revenue Capture Functionality

    Provider of nation’s largest physician performance solution expands software offerings by releasing outpatient product 

    ATLANTA. Mar. 26, 2013 – Ingenious Med, the nation’s largest multispecialty charge capture and physician performance solution, has announced it will combine both inpatient and outpatient functionality into its award-winning impower platform.

    Ingenious Med’s previous inpatient charge capture system and coding suite is employed by more than 22,000 client users across more than 30 different specialties, including cardiology, surgery, pulmonary and pediatrics. The added outpatient functionality allows the company to expand its offerings enterprise-wide.

    “Health systems are looking for a single, universal solution that captures and holds all charge capture data,” said Steven Liu, M.D., founder of Ingenious Med. “We do a great job capturing inpatient professional and technical revenue due to our physician workflows and extremely high adoption rates. As organizations shore up their revenue cycle and prepare for ICD-10, the market dictated that we needed to expand our product offerings and bring our benefits to the outpatient side.”

    Designed to enhance physician workflow, the newest release offers several different features, including the ability to create highly customizable virtual Superbills, a robust clinic scheduling interface and a sophisticated integration engine with existing back-office practice systems. The end result is a streamlined billing workflow for outpatient clinics and multispecialty organizations.

    According to Liu, Ingenious Med’s software can potentially save health systems millions of dollars as revenue leaks are addressed and charges are captured more accurately. The ability to use one system to hold all charge capture data, both inpatient and outpatient, can make those savings even more pronounced.

    About Ingenious Med

    Founded in 1999 by a group of practicing physicians, Ingenious Med is an award-winning platform that automates the activities of inpatient and outpatient physicians. Ingenious Med automates the revenue and charge capture processes for more than 22,000 users in the nation’s leading healthcare facilities. Ingenious Med’s Physician Rounding Platform is the nation’s largest multispecialty charge capture and physician performance solution in the healthcare industry today. The mobile and cloud-based, charge capture and analytics platform provides real-time data that helps hospital systems and physician groups improve physician productivity and efficiency, enhance quality of care, maximize revenue, increase billing accuracy and ensure compliance. For more information, visit or call 404-815-0862.

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