Healthcare News March 29, 2012

  • Reactions: Lawmakers revert to talking points as justices leave them in the dark

    The justices were less revealing on whether the whole law should fall if the mandate is struck down.

  • Justices seem split over striking down health law as arguments end

    Conservative justices leaned toward invalidating the whole law, while liberals said the court should leave it to Congress.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: SCOTUS, over and out

    Democrats regrouped and Republicans rejoiced on Wednesday after three days of intense arguments at the Supreme Court left President Obama’s signature domestic achievement hanging in the balance.

    The justices appeared more divided in their discussions over whether the whole law should fall than they were Tuesday regarding the law’s individual mandate, Healthwatch’s Sam Baker reports from inside the court.

    That left lawmakers reverting to talking points about the law as the justices left them in the dark. Read the Healthwatch story here.

    The ‘real’ Congress: Congress is so broken even the Supreme Court justices now have to worry about lawmakers’ inability to get along and fix the healthcare law if they strike down its individual mandate. The Hill’s Russell Berman has more.

  • Justices grapple with polarized Congress

    On Wednesday, it was the Supreme Court’s turn to grapple with a reality that the rest of the country has come to know all too well: the political polarization of the modern Congress.

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