Healthcare News March 23, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Happy Birthday ACA

    Friday marks the second anniversary of President Obama’s healthcare law, and the politics are just as messy as they were two years ago. Polling shows that the public has stayed about evenly split, and the partisan clash is still raging in Congress.

    House Democrats took the public relations lead over the past week, highlighting provisions that affect seniors, women, young adults and minorities. House Republicans, meanwhile, celebrated with yet another vote to repeal part of the law, and used the anniversary to argue again that its costs will ultimately be much higher than originally expected.

    The Department of Health and Human Services has moved aggressively over the past two years to implement its new authorities, and has bent over backward to get states on board with the law’s central component — new exchanges where individuals and small businesses can buy insurance, often with help from government subsidies.

  • Pelosi: Healthcare law is ‘ironclad’

    The House minority leader said Democrats are confident their healthcare law will pass muster at the Supreme Court.

  • Report: Healthcare critics outspending supporters 3-to-1 on TV ads

    Critics of President Obama’s healthcare law have outspent its supporters three-to-one on television ads, according to a report released Thursday.

    Public opinion on the healthcare overhaul has been split almost evenly since Obama signed the law two years ago, despite Democrats’ predictions that it would grow more popular as people learned what it does. The report released Thursday by Kantar Media could help explain why the law’s public image hasn’t improved.

    Opponents have spent three times more than supporters on ads about the healthcare law in the two years since it passed, according to the report. The Kantar report says opponents have spent roughly $204 million on ads about the law, compared with about $58 million from supporters.

  • Democrats turn Republicans’ Medicare argument against them

    Repealing the healthcare laws only Medicare-spending backstop puts
    the GOP in the unusual position of supporting unlimited entitlement

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