Healthcare News March 22, 2012

  • Pelosi: Healthcare law guarantees ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the healthcare law actually helps people meet the goal outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: House moves toward IPAB repeal

    The House began debate Wednesday on a bill to repeal part of the healthcare reform law and impose new limits on medical malpractice suits, setting up a vote Thursday. The bill is expected to pass, but with less bipartisan support than it had before the malpractice limits were added.

    Rep. Phil Roe’s (R-Tenn.) stand-alone bill to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) had garnered 20 Democratic co-sponsors. But only five Democrats sided with the GOP on a procedural vote Wednesday that opened the floor debate. Leadership sacrificed Democratic votes by paying for the IPAB repeal bill with tort reform, a non-starter for many on the left.

  • Liberal Dems back Obama’s no show on health law anniversary

    Obama’s a no-show on the law’s second anniversary, but Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) says he’s fine with that. 

  • Health board repeal advances in House, six-hour debate ahead

    The House on Wednesday afternoon approved legislation that would repeal the healthcare law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), and also institute medical tort reform.

    Members approved the rule for the bill in a 233-182 vote that only five Democrats supported. While some Democrats support IPAB repeal, many oppose the GOP’s vision of tort reform, and are thus expected to oppose the package.

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