Healthcare News March 1, 2013

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Pressure rising over Medicare Advantage cuts

    The Obama administration’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA) are receiving greater attention on Capitol Hill thanks to an intense backlash from the health insurance industry. On Thursday, leading GOP lawmakers wrote to Marilyn Tavenner, acting administrator of the Medicare agency, expressing strong concerns over the proposed 2 percent cut to the plan scheduled for next year.

    “According to external estimates, the combined effect of the administration’s sequester, [healthcare law] cuts and higher taxes, and harmful new policies will result in at least an 8 percent cut to the MA program for calendar year 2014,” the lawmakers wrote. “While the president promised that Americans could keep the health plans they liked, we are concerned that the combined effects of these policies will jeopardize beneficiary access to the MA plans of their choice.”

    Lawmakers Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Ways
    and Means Committee, sent the letter.

  • New eiPortal for Healthcare Integration from PilotFish Brings “Self- Service” B2B Connectivity to Healthcare Stakeholders

    What Online Banking Did for the Financial Industry, the eiPortal does for Healthcare by Providing Self-Service Implementation of B2B Data Exchange Along with 24/7 Access

    MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (PRWEB) February 27, 2013— Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, a provider of middleware healthcare integration solutions, announces the eiPortal for Healthcare Integration. The eiPortal is a cloud-based solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing healthcare information exchange. The eiPortal combines a web repository, with all the resources required to configure an interface to a host organization’s system, together with a fully automated testing facility that allows validation and simulation of information exchanges before going live with the interface.

    The eiPortal represents a healthcare interoperability breakthrough for onboarding data exchange customers of HIEs, Labs, Payers, Device and Equipment Manufacturers, Solution Providers and State Agencies—any organization that offers a standard set of interfaces, file formats or Web services for consumption by many customers.

    “The eiPortal lifts the tremendous burden placed on IT resources tasked with supporting customer implementations,” said Monika Vainius, Vice President of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration. “By implementing an eiPortal and automating what has been a highly manual process, 80% of the effort required for onboarding customers can be eliminated.”

    By implementing an eiPortal:

    • Individually providing customers with implementation requirements is replaced by forwarding them a URL. An online repository makes everything required to configure an interface to the host organization’s system available for download.
    • Desk-checking each sample data payload by staff is replaced with automated validation. Simulated responses to inbound messages are provided without requiring human intervention or full test environments.
    • Fielding customer questions is replaced with actionable error messages that tell customers not just that a problem occurred, but also how to fix it.
    • Hours spent tracking down why a customer’s message failed a test are replaced with a customer self-service log of messages.

    The eiPortal can be leveraged to mediate the transmission of electronic medical records between providers, accept orders for medical tests, conduct Meaningful Use certification in real-time, enable standardized integration into or out of software offerings, and quickly integrate large numbers of customers by offering standard APIs and providing automated testing and validation.

    The eiPortal is built on a flexible architecture that can be customized with private branding, implementation-specific documentation, and message validation rules. Unique security and transmission protocols, reporting requirements and endpoint system simulations are also available.

    The eiPortal automates manual processes and empowers customers to self-implement. By investing in the eiPortal, highly coordinated work between an organization and its customers can be limited to truly implementation-unique discussions, for the benefit of all.

    Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration is exhibiting at HiMSS13, Booth #7941, March 4-6, 2013 – see live demos of the eiPortal and eiConsole for Healthcare (an IDE featuring a graphical Assembly Line for configuring interfaces).

    About PilotFish

    Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides middleware software that enables the integration of disparate systems. The eiPortal for Healthcare Integration is distributed through Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHII), a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology. APHII distributes products directly to healthcare end-users and through select channel partners.

    Address inquiries to: Monika Vainius, Vice President, 860-632-9900 x303.




  • 80 Percent of US Physicians Believe Virtual Assistants Will Drastically Change Healthcare by 2018, Nuance Survey Finds
    Nuance Enhances the IQ of Intelligent Systems, Offering a Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Healthcare
    BURLINGTON, Mass., – February 27, 2013Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN), the first to bring the power of the virtual assistant directly to consumers through mobile phones and customer service attendants, recently surveyed US doctors about the effect virtual assistants will have on healthcare. Overwhelmingly, 80 percent believe that within five years, virtual assistants will drastically change how they interact and use electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare apps, making them more efficient and freeing up time to spend on patients.
    Doctors stated that mobile virtual assistants could impact healthcare most by helping them access information in EHRs, and navigate through the process using conversational commands. One out of three doctors spends 30 percent or more of their day on administrative duties — activities that could be redirected or removed using voice-enabled virtual assistants.
    How will virtual assistants put the care back in healthcare?
    • 65 percent say the top role for a virtual assistant: more accurate, timely information to support care or alert them to missing information in records.
    • 73 percent expect virtual assistants could improve healthcare and patient engagement by helping to coordinate care between multiple caregivers.
    • 80 percent believe virtual assistants will benefit patients most by engaging them in the process, prompting them to adhere to health advice and modifying behaviors.
    “Mobile virtual assistants have the potential to reinvent the way we deliver patient care,” says Dr. Alireza Shafaie, Palo Alto Medical Foundation. “As a consumer, I already experience the value of mobile assistants, and would love to bring that natural, intelligence-based dialogue to my work as a primary care physician. For every one patient I see I have to communicate my recommendations in three different places. A mobile advisor that could do that on my behalf in one shot would give me back more time in what truly matters – time with my patients.”
    One area of interest with physicians is intelligent, voice-driven, computerized physician order entry (CPOE) that uses more sophisticated reasoning for ordering medications, labs and radiology exams beyond mere speech. Healthcare developers can embed virtual assistants — ones that conduct meaningful conversations, interpret physician requests, ask for clarification and seamlessly manage changes in course of action much like their human equivalents — directly into any clinical app to enhance a variety of new and existing workflows, including CPOE.
    Nuance is deeply invested in a new generation of sophisticated and powerful applications underpinned by voice and clinical language understanding (CLU) that reinvents the way doctors and patients experience healthcare, providing direct access to the healthcare information that matters most.
    “The technology exists today in Nuance to create a more intuitive way for doctors and patients to coordinate care and improve efficiency through dialogue-driven intelligent systems that hear, understand and respond,” reports Joe Petro, senior vice president healthcare engineering and R&D, Nuance. 
    More than 500 global developers are already utilizing Nuance technology to humanize healthcare and fulfill the promise of virtual assistants in medicine. For a first glimpse of Nuance’s new healthcare virtual assistant project, codenamed “Florence,” visit booth #4025 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibits in New Orleans March 3 – 7, 2013.  

  • Mitochon’s Electronic Medical Office (EMO) Partners with PDR Network to Provide Seamless Access to Updated Drug and Safety Information Benefiting EHR Users & Patients

    – Implementing Key Drug Safety Features, Mitochon Recognized with the ‘PDR Certified’ Award –

    Laguna Hills, CA/Montvale, NJ: February 27, 2013 – Mitochon Systems, a leading healthcare IT company serving providers throughout the country with a free web based Electronic Medical Office, announced today a new partnership with PDR Network, the leading distributor of FDA-approved patient drug safety and support services for EHR and e-Rx platforms, to integrate PDR’s suite of interactive drug information and safety services within their Electronic Medical Office (EMO) platform. Mitochon users now have access to PDR Network’s updated drug information, safety alerts, medication adherence and product support programs, which will enhance their experience and further enable them to provide optimal patient care.

    Dr. Andre Vovan, Chairman of Mitochon Systems, stated, “Mitochon is continually looking for ways to add additional value to our free service to Physicians, particularly in the area of patient safety and improving outcomes” He continued “Working with PDR has been very efficient due to our similar focus on patient safety, improved out comes for patients and philosophy of integrating great resources within superior Physician workflow.”

    Mitochon’s FREE end-to-end ELECTRONIC MEDICAL OFFICE (EMO) is a single source, Meaningful Use Certified solution enabling practices to provide better patient care and increase profits for physicians. EMO includes a patient portal, scheduling, clinical records, ePrescribing, lab integration, physician referrals, integrated Practice Management and Claims, ALL FREE. Founded by Dr. Andre Vovan, a nationally recognized physician, and funded by 44 physicians, the EMO service is designed by physicians for physicians. The FREE system is available in all U.S. states.

    “We are very happy to have Mitochon join our growing EHR partner network as our fourth fully-integrated EHR partner, expanding our network to 26 industry-leading partners and more than 220 EHR systems, reaching nearly 100,000 EHR prescribers,” said Andrew Gelman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, PDR Network. “We understand the growing importance of EHRs in medical practice today and are proud to provide tools that enhance EHRs, increasing their functionality and safety in alignment with FDA goals for these systems.”

    Mitochon end users have access to PDR interactive services today, earning the PDR Certified award in recognition for the system’s new level of drug safety features and functionality. Developed based on the FDA’s vision for EHR systems improving patient safety and reducing prescriber liability by delivering and collecting critical information at the point of care, the PDR Certified program recognizes those systems that meet this safety standard by integrating each of four key functions:

    1.     Full FDA Labeling,

    2.     Drug Alerts and Warnings (Safety Alerts, Boxed Warnings, Recalls and REMS Communications),

    3.     Adverse Drug Event Reporting, and

    4.     FDA-Compliant Patient Education or Support Services.

    As part of this award, Mitochon Systems will display the “PDR Certified” logo indicating to existing and prospective customers that it complies with these important patient and drug safety standards. For more information on the PDR Certified program – developed by the independent iHealth Alliance in collaboration with PDR Network – please visit,

    Mitochon Systems was founded in 2006 by Andre Vovan, MD, MBA, FCCM, who is the director of a critical care department at a large California hospital. He created a system based on the free model because the cost of traditional EHR systems makes them unaffordable for many independent physicians. For information: (877) 817-0902 or

    PDR Network’s comprehensive offering of interactive drug information services are designed to be easily integrated with any EHR or ePrescribing system and enhancing the EHR, provider and patient experience. For more information about PDR’s EHR partnership program, please visit

    About PDR Network
    PDR Network is the leading distributor of FDA-approved drug labeling, safety and product support information, delivering trusted content through the Physicians’ Desk Reference® suite of digital and print services. Leveraging this propriety network, PDR disseminates critical healthcare information across channels to an active network of nearly 800,000 prescribers and via the growing “PDR Certified” network – 26 industry-leading partners delivering content via more than 220 EHR platforms reaching approaching 100,000 EHR providers as well as more than a half of a million additional end users.

    A respected member of the healthcare community, PDR Network challenges itself as a company to deliver innovative products and services that meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. From a history of delivering the prescribing information most-trusted by physicians to its current position at the strategic intersection between the bio/pharmaceutical and EHR industries, PDR prides itself on developing practical solutions to benefit its partners. For more information, please visit


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