Healthcare News June 19, 2012

  • Embattled medical debt collector hires second lobby firm

    Accretive Health has hired its second D.C. lobby firm after facing scrutiny for allegedly shaking down patients.

    The Chicago-based hospital billing company will retain The Duberstein Group in addition to its first firm, Heather Podesta + Partners.

    Accretive has been under fire since late April, when The New York Times covered a report from the Minnesota attorney general’s office detailing allegations that the company pressured patients into settling debts, sometimes before they received care.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Still waiting for SCOTUS

    The Supreme Court’s landmark healthcare ruling is just days away. More than 10,000 users tuned in for live updates Monday morning at SCOTUSblog but, as expected, the court didn’t release its highly anticipated healthcare ruling. The next possibility is Thursday, though the odds still seem to favor a ruling next week.

    As the decision nears, focus is turning once again to the important issue of severability — whether the healthcare reform law’s individual mandate would have to take the whole law down with it, if it’s found to be unconstitutional. The justices can do just about anything they want on the severability question: strike down the whole law; strike out only the mandate; or strike the mandate and certain other provisions.

  • Report: Pregnancy line was struck from guide to ‘morning-after pill’

    Federal health officials are apparently heeding new doubts that emergency contraception actually scuttles pregnancies.

  • Poll: Many GOPers OK with ruling that upholds parts of healthcare law

    The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling within the next two weeks on President Obama’s healthcare law.

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