Healthcare News July 25, 2012

  • CBO: Supreme Court decision cuts cost of healthcare reform by $84 billion

    The court’s decision will also result in 3 million more people without health insurance, the CBO said.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: CBO weighs in on Supreme Court ruling

    The Supreme Court made President Obama’s healthcare law less expensive, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday.

    Because states can now opt out of the law’s Medicaid expansion, about 6 million people will probably lose their Medicaid eligibility, CBO said. Half of them will be able to buy coverage through the law’s insurance exchanges, with help from a federal subsidy, and the remaining 3 million will go uninsured. That means the law’s coverage expansion will cost about $84 billion less than CBO estimated earlier.

    The cost of repealing the Affordable Care Act also fell — by roughly $100 billion. CBO said the repeal bill that House Republicans passed earlier this month would increase the deficit by $109 billion, compared to a $210 billion estimate for the repeal bill the House passed early last year.

    Repeal is cheaper in part because implementation is cheaper — spending provisions don’t cost as much, so repealing them doesn’t save as much. The price tag also fell because the Obama administration officially gave up on the new program known as CLASS, so Republicans no longer have to worry about repealing its $80 billion in revenues.

    Healthwatch has more on the latest CBO figures.

  • Study: More adolescent girls reporting depression than boys

    Adolescent girls reported experiencing depression at three times the rate of their male peers over a recent period, a government study found.

    Twelve percent of girls ages 12 to 17 said they experienced a “major depressive episode” compared with 4.5 percent of boys, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

    SAMHSA noted that the rate of depression among girls appeared to triple between the ages of 12 and 15 from 5.1 percent to 15.2 percent.

  • CBO: Repealing health reform increases deficit by $109 billion

    This new re-estimate, following the Supreme Court’s
    upholding the law, is a smaller deficit increase than CBO had
    previously projected.

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