Healthcare News July 20, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Obama campaigns on Medicare

    President Obama homed in on Medicare on the stump in Florida, arguing that his likely GOP opponent would push policies to force “more than 200,000 Floridians to pay more for their prescription drugs.” Mitt Romney’s policies on Medicare are “the wrong way to go,” Obama told the crowd in Jacksonville.

    Republicans have recently attacked Obama by arguing that the healthcare law is helping to bankrupt Medicare. To do this, they have turned around a Democratic line — that the policy would “end Medicare as we know it.” On Thursday, Romney’s campaign policy director, Lanhee Chen, said the healthcare law would “leave seniors with fewer choices.”

    Medicare has received less attention as a campaign issue in recent days, but will likely come back into focus now that debate over the healthcare law is slowly receding.

    Obama won Florida by 2.5 points in 2008. The state has 29 electoral votes up for grabs this year. Read more about Obama’s campaign plans at The Hill.

  • Sen. DeMint taps brakes on UN treaty as home-school opposition grows

    Home-schooling advocates, including Rick Santorum, say they are worried about “international bureaucrats” telling them how to raise their children.

  • Health groups: Surgeon general should denounce soda

    A coalition of health groups is urging the U.S. Surgeon General to release a report on the health risks of drinking soda.

    The push comes as U.S. officials debate strategies to address rising obesity levels and a range of related health problems.

    “Once viewed as an occasional treat, sugary drinks have become a routine, daily beverage for tens of millions of Americas,” the health groups wrote to federal Health secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Thursday.

  • Obama talks Medicare in Florida

    Obama argued Romney’s ideas are “the wrong way to go” when it comes to healthcare and Medicare.

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