Healthcare News July 2, 2013

  • Poll: Many uninsured are unaware of individual mandate

    More than 40 percent of uninsured Americans aren’t aware that they could be required to buy coverage next year, according to a Gallup survey.

    Awareness of the law’s individual mandate, which requires most taxpayers to buy insurance or pay a penalty, was lower among uninsured people than the general public.

    Although a majority of uninsured respondents knew about the mandate, 43 percent were unfamiliar with it — compared with just 14 percent of those who have insurance.

  • Study: ObamaCare rule covering 930K young adults

    More than 930,000 young adults have health insurance thanks to an ObamaCare rule making them eligible for coverage on their parents’ plans, according to a new study.

    Researchers at Indiana University found that young adult men are twice as likely as their female peers to obtain health coverage through their parents.

    Minority young adults are less likely to add health insurance that way, corresponding with an apparently lower rate of employer-sponsored health insurance among minority parents, the study found. 

  • HHS partners with libraries on ObamaCare outreach

    The Obama administration is enlisting the help of libraries in its effort to encourage people to sign up for health insurance options under ObamaCare.

    The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) said Monday that it is providing information about the healthcare law to local libraries and training librarians to help people find certified “navigators” to help make sense of the law’s coverage options.

    The department is looking for a wide range of partnerships as it approaches Oct. 1, when new insurance exchanges in each state must begin enrolling people in private healthcare plans.

  • Obama defends work in Africa

    Critics have blamed Obama for not paying enough attention to Africa, contrasting him unfavorably with President Bush.

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