Healthcare News January 31, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: All Romney all the time

    With the pivotal Florida primary just a day away, the Republican presidential candidates are continuing to butt heads over healthcare. 

    Front-runner Mitt Romney — long seen as the candidate with the most to lose from a healthcare debate — went on the offensive Monday to highlight new clips of Newt Gingrich praising parts of President Obama’s healthcare reform effort.

    Romney’s campaign circulated audio clips from 2009 in which Gingrich said an individual insurance mandate was “the most important part” of a healthcare overhaul. He also complimented Obama for running a more transparent process than Hillary Clinton did in the 1990s.

    Of course, Romney also supported an individual mandate — he signed one into law as governor of Massachusetts. But he has said during the campaign that, unlike Gingrich, he never supported a federal requirement. Read The Hill’s coverage of the Romney campaign’s push.

  • Resource Anesthesia Deploys Shareable Ink to Improve Reporting and Revenue Cycle Management

    Multi-State Provider Group Selects Enterprise Cloud Computing Company for Anesthesia EMR

    Nashville, TN and Knoxville, TN  (January 30, 2012) – Shareable Ink®, an enterprise cloud computing company that transforms paper documentation to structured data, and Resource Anesthesia, a multi-state turnkey anesthesia services provider that serves hospitals, surgery centers and specialty physician groups, announced today the deployment of Shareable Ink Anesthesia Suite.

    Because of an increasingly competitive environment for hospital-based physician services, provider groups must demonstrate cost-effective, high-quality care to win and retain hospital contracts.  Resource Anesthesia selected Shareable Ink to achieve three important goals:

    • Quality of Care: Providing objective measures of the group’s quality and efficiency to hospital partners and leveraging this empirical data to develop business with new hospitals
    • Cost Control: Managing pharmacy costs through increased granularity of drug utilization in cases
    • Accelerated Revenue Cycle: Driving up a higher first pass clean claims rate through improved documentation compliance at the point of care

    Resource Anesthesia now captures data more efficiently to share with its hospital and surgery center partners, enhancing their ability to report on quality management initiatives, facility billing, and OR efficiency.

    “Without changing our workflow, Shareable Ink allows us to easily deploy a solution that significantly improves provider performance and efficiency through objective analysis of case data,” said Phillip Haynie, CEO of Resource Anesthesia.  ”Electronic data automatically produced from the paper record also leads to improved revenue cycle management across the board and provides insightful information to stakeholders.”

    Shareable Ink represents an innovative approach to electronic health records that captures structured and actionable data with no change in workflow for providers. Providers utilize Shareable Ink to document in their customary fashion, using natural input tools, such as digital pens and iPads, without compromising productivity.  Clinical and business rules embedded into familiar forms deliver feedback to the providers and help to ensure that records are complete and compliant.  The data is made available to other stakeholders in patient care and to offsite billing departments as soon as the case is completed.

    “We are delighted to be selected by Resource Anesthesia,” commented Stephen S. Hau, President and CEO, Shareable Ink. “Our enterprise cloud computing approach allows us to deliver meaningful results to customers within a few weeks.”

    About Shareable Ink

    Shareable Ink helps healthcare organizations of all sizes transition to electronic health records without disruption to workflow or burdensome IT projects. Its enterprise cloud-based platform incorporates natural input tools, including iPads and digital pen and paper technology featuring Anoto functionality. The resulting structured and clinically-encoded output populates the EHR with discrete data, as if typed in directly. Built-in analytics give hospitals and practices insight into their operations — from a clinical, quality and efficiency standpoint — all previously inaccessible from traditional paper records. For additional information, visit

    About Resource Anesthesia

    Resource Anesthesia is a multi-state company that provides centralized anesthesia management and support by establishing local teams who are active members of the community. Through these teams, anesthesia services are provided at community hospitals and surgery centers. The company assumes responsibilities such as recruitment, compliance, documentation monitoring and billing and collections. For further information, please visit

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  • Food industry urges Obama administration to reject food safety fees

    A coalition of more than 30 food industry groups wrote to the Obama administration Monday urging officials to request more congressional funding for food safety efforts instead of relying on food taxes.

    The request is laid out in a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and White House Budget Director Jeffrey Zients, who are working on the president’s FY2013 budget proposal, due Feb. 13. Last year’s budget proposal requested unspecified user fees to pay for food safety efforts but the idea went nowhere in Congress.

    “As consumers continue to cope with a period of prolonged economic turbulence and food makers struggle with record high commodity prices, the creation of new food taxes or regulatory fees would mean higher costs for food makers and lead to higher food prices for consumers,” the letter states. “As such, we believe imposing new fees on food makers is the wrong option for funding food safety programs.”

  • Democrats launch early offensive over GOP Medicare plans

    Democrats are itching for another fight over Medicare, apparently undeterred by the prospect of a slightly watered-down Republican plan

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said again this weekend that he won’t back down from proposals to at least partially privatize the Medicare program. Democrats seized on the comments, eager for another round in a battle that could bolster their chances of recapturing a majority.

    Ryan has said he hasn’t started writing his budget yet, but it’s widely expected to include the Medicare proposal he crafted with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). The Ryan-Wyden plan, unlike Ryan’s earlier proposal, would leave the traditional Medicare program intact while also giving seniors the option to buy private insurance.

    Democrats took a hard line against Ryan-Wyden when it was first released, insisting that it would still spell the end of the existing Medicare guarantee. And they’ve launched an aggressive advance attack on Ryan’s commitment to plow ahead on a “premium support” model for Medicare.

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