Healthcare News January 20, 2012

  • Santorum slams Romney, Gingrich for ‘playing footsies with the left’ on healthcare

    Neither Mitt Romney nor Newt Gingrich has the credibility to challenge President Obama on healthcare, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum charged during Thursday night’s debate.

    Santorum launched an all-out attack on Romney and Gingrich — who are neck-and-neck in the South Carolina primary — on the issue of healthcare. He accused both men of “playing footsies with the left” by supporting a requirement that almost everyone purchase insurance.

    “These are two folks who don’t present the clear contrast that I do,” Santorum said.

    The exchange marked some of the most intense Republican infighting yet on healthcare, following a series of debates that have focused almost exclusively on Obama.

  • Santorum accuses Romney, Gingrich of ‘playing footsie with left’

    Rick Santorum launched a scathing attack on Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney over healthcare policy.

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Parties prep for another year of intense healthcare fighting

    The Republicans have pledged to keep pushing for full repeal of Obama’s healthcare reform law.

  • Pharmacies want fix to Medicare drug plan’s enrollment glitch

    The pharmacy lobby is asking Medicare to allow beneficiaries to enroll in new plans if they feel misled by so-called “preferred network” plans.

    The National Community Pharmacists Association says it has been hearing complaints since the beginning of the year from Medicare beneficiaries who are finding out they can’t get advertised co-pays at their favorite pharmacies because they’re not in a plan’s “preferred” network. 

    The group says patients feel they were misled by advertising and enrollment agents and by the federal government’s own information on its online portal, the Medicare Plan Finder.

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