Healthcare News February 9, 2012

  • OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Birth-control mandate under attack

    The White House didn’t have much luck Wednesday trying to quell the rapidly growing controversy over its birth-control mandate.

    Republicans have pushed the issue back into the forefront after almost losing it in the shuffle of last week’s Susan G. Komen controversy, and they clearly intend to keep it there. Both the House and Senate GOP are working on bills to eliminate the requirement that some religious institutions cover contraception for their employees, and they’re sure to revisit the issue during Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s appearances on Capitol Hill over the next few weeks.

    The White House is also taking some friendly fire over its exemption for religious organizations. Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) sent a letter to Sebelius last week asking her to revisit the policy last week, and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine — a close Obama ally — said this week that the administration should widen the religious exemption.

    Asked whether the policy needs to change in order to get rid of the issue, one former administration official said: “I don’t see how they couldn’t.”

  • White House struggles to contain uproar over birth-control mandate

    Pressure to roll back the new contraception policy mounted quickly as the day wore on.

  • Senate GOP pushes to shield faith groups from contraception rule

    Senate Republicans are pushing legislation to overturn a mandate that health plans of religious organizations cover contraception. 

  • House panel to vote on bill repealing Obama contraception rule

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee is working on a bill to roll back the Obama administration’s controversial birth-control mandate.

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