Healthcare News February 21, 2012

  • See the ViSi Mobile™ System Patient Monitoring Technology at 2012 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition – #HIMSS12

    LAS VEGASFebruary 20, 2012 – Last month, ViSi Mobile™ System was highlighted by Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm CEO, in his keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show. You can see this new wireless patient monitoring system, currently under FDA review, at the annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition from Tuesday, February 21 – Friday, February 23.

    WHERE:Sotera will be in two locations at the conference, the Qualcomm Wireless Health Pavilion (#13234) and the Burwood booth (#8310) both at the Venetian Conference Center.

    WHEN:February 20-24, 2012

    WHAT: The ViSi Mobile System is designed to keep clinicians connected to their patients, whether they are bedridden or ambulatory, using a small wrist-worn device. Sotera collaborated with Carlsbad, Calif.-based DD Studio to design this elegant system, which measures and displays core vital signs critical to patient care. Sotera has completed device development and is developing features that will enable comprehensive wireless transmission of data to computers and mobile devices, along with the addition of novel sensing technologies.

    Studies conducted worldwide have consistently shown that patients in any hospital setting may suffer preventable adverse events that could result in prolonged hospitalization, injury or death. Currently, continuous monitoring systems, which would allow for identifying emerging problems, are typically used only in high-acuity areas of the hospital, such as intensive care units (ICU). In lower acuity areas, which host 60 to 70 percent of hospitalized patients, vital signs are typically collected via spot checks that are conducted at four to six hour intervals.

    About Sotera Wireless

    Sotera Wireless, Inc. is a San Diego, California based medical device company dedicated to the development, marketing and sale of a new generation of comprehensive vital signs monitoring. Sotera’s mission is to improve patient safety by empowering clinicians to detect early signs of deterioration in virtually any care setting and enable early intervention and rapid response, all without limiting the patient’s freedom of movement. More information on the company can be obtained at or by sending an email to

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  • WPC Demonstrates Security & Compliance and ICD-10 Solutions with Microsoft at HIMSS12 – #HIMSS12

    WPC President Eric Mueller’s roundtable discussion offers real-world guidance to solve 5010 business problems to ease migration to ICD-10

    LAS VEGAS-HIMSS Annual Conference-Feb. 20, 2012WPC, a full-service healthcare business process consulting organization in Brentwood, Tenn., announced today that it will exhibit its Security & Compliance and ICD-10 consulting practice solutions at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Conference this week in Las Vegas. Attendees can meet the WPC team and receive an overview of security solutions that optimize the safeguarding of protected patient data and address stringent HIPAA/HITECH regulatory demands at the Microsoft Corp. booth #1629 in the Venetian Sands Expo Center.

    WPC will showcase its end-to-end analysis of processes, people and technology that have access to sensitive protected health information (PHI) to determine the right solutions to mitigate risk of data breaches, identity theft and fraud. WPC’s security solutions use a practical process in the assessment of a healthcare organization’s HITECH and HIPAA security compliance efforts as well as the preparation for and responding to data breaches.

    The WPC team will provide an overview of its security solutions designed to:

    • Analyze how protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) is created, received, maintained or transmitted across the enterprise.
    • Identify who accesses PHI and PII as well as when, where, why and how it is accessed both within the organization and outside the organization by patients, partners and vendors.
    • Evaluate how technology, such as systems, networks, mobile devices, tablets and social media, should be secured to promote HIPAA/HITECH compliance.
    • Educate staff through training programs, policy and process review and input, and social engineering recommendations to increase employee awareness of responsibility for protecting PHI and PII in order to achieve compliance and guard against breaches.
    • Deliver solutions and test them with clients.

    “We’re excited to showcase our Security & Compliance and ICD-10 solutions at this year’s premier healthcare IT event,” said Eric Mueller, services president, WPC. “The financial consequences of non-compliance with stringent HITECH regulatory demands for HIPAA violations can translate to millions of dollars lost and severe reputation damage. Healthcare organizations are faced with the challenge of driving innovation and superior health outcomes while simultaneously maintaining the increasingly high standards to protect health data. We take the business of healthcare security seriously, and we’re committed to helping our clients innovate while providing the very best security and compliance framework.”

    “The WPC team has tremendous knowledge and expertise about the important issues affecting the industry,” said Michael Robinson, general manager, U.S. Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft. “We are working together to help healthcare organizations optimize their operational performance, and effectively manage complex business problems while preparing for future regulatory challenges.”

    Additionally, HIMSS attendees can actively participate in Mueller’s roundtable discussion to gain real-world guidance from their peers as well as lessons learned from 5010 that can ease migration to ICD-10. According to Mueller, because there is room for error in all parts of the transaction process, it is imperative that providers understand each data point throughout the revenue cycle process and the types of decisions being made by payers, including how they are interpreting 5010 requirements. The session, “5010 Aftermath: What Worked, What’s Left and ICD-10 Preparation Tips,” is 9:45 a.m. PST, Thursday, Feb. 23, in Room Galileo 905.

    About WPC

    WPC is a healthcare industry leader, providing world class consulting solutions and serving as the exclusive publisher of critical HIPAA implementation publications and related products. Anchored by its nearly 40-year heritage, WPC provides technical, business process and compliance expertise. Its comprehensive solutions empower healthcare organizations to optimize operational performance and effectively manage complex business and technology change. Domain experts specialize in: ICD-10, security and compliance, electronic medical records adoption, health information exchange, payment reform, Accountable Care Organization qualifications, and more. For more information, visit

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  • TeraMedica Offers Intelligent Clinical Image Cloud Management thorugh its Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite – Powered by Logicalis Cloud

    Patented Platform Provides Security, Scalability and Flexibility in the Cloud

    (MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – February 20th, 2012)

    TeraMedica today announced that it now features expanded flexibility in intelligent clinical image lifecycle management, further ease of data storage, and a greater reduction of operating costs through its new cloud storage solution. Its Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite, the leading Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) in the industry, now provides more storage options through off-site cloud archiving. TeraMedica is pleased to offer this complete cloud storage solution in partnership with Logicalis.

    “Our patented Evercore Clinical Enterprise Suite highlights our commitment to offering choices in improving patient care, reducing cost of healthcare and enhancing physician acceptance in the new patient-centered electronic medical domain,” said Jim Prekop, TeraMedica President and CEO. “Our patented platform was the first to truly offer clinical image lifecycle management, and it’s a natural fit that TeraMedica would also provide the most comprehensive cloud offering in the market.”

    “From our work in the industry, we know that medical images often aren’t accessed or needed more than once. So it only makes sense to farm that data off to the cloud,” said Ed Brown, TeraMedica Vice President of Business Development. “Utilizing our intelligent clinical image cloud management services, Evercore Smartstore™ automatically and efficiently moves the data that healthcare providers don’t need to access on an everyday basis, thus significantly saving on storage costs.”

    Evercore’s flexible and scalable architecture integrates and manages patient-centric clinical content in the clinical and research settings across wide geographies, including standard DICOM objects. Evercore natively manages and distributes data beyond DICOM using global standards such as MPG, JPG, PDF and many other critical clinical content such as treatment plans for cancer care or vital reports in unstructured data formats.

    TeraMedica’s patented Smartstore module intelligently manages the total image lifecycle of DICOM and beyond. Smartstore provides shared enterprise infrastructure for managing clinical content based on business policies, specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual hospitals and/or departments. Evercore’s Univision™ module features a multi-layer, zero-download image viewer, with seamless integration to any EMR/EHR/PHR/RHIO. TeraMedica’s vendor-independent platform connects multiple PACS to any storage system, thus ending cumbersome data migration.

    Logicalis, a $1 billion provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services, offers TeraMedica customers an off-site archiving solution powered by the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud. The Logicalis Enterprise Cloud is an enterprise-class public cloud offering capable of running business critical applications and supporting leading healthcare applications.  It offers TeraMedica customers one of the most flexible cloud archive solutions and adheres to the highest industry standards for data centers.

    “Our cloud solution for TeraMedica customers is built from a flexible computing architecture that provides the computing power, memory, storage and bandwidth for an off-site archiving of medical images,” stated Mike Martin, Logicalis Director of Cloud Computing.  In addition, Logicalis provides cloud infrastructure, managed services and HIPAA compliant data handling.

    About Logicalis

    Logicalis is an international provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services founded on a superior breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications & collaboration, data center, and cloud computing and managed services. Logicalis Group employs nearly 2,500 people worldwide, including highly trained service specialists who design, specify, deploy and manage complex ICT infrastructures to meet the needs of over 6,000 corporate and public sector customers.  To achieve this, Logicalis maintains strong partnerships with technology leaders such as Cisco, HP, IBM and Microsoft.

    The Logicalis Group has annualized revenues of over $1 billion, from operations in the UK, US, Germany, South America and Asia Pacific, and is fast establishing itself as one of the leading IT and Communications solution integrators, specializing in the areas of advanced technologies and services. The Logicalis Group is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg and London AIM Stock Exchanges, with revenues of approximately $5 billion.

    For more information, visit

    About TeraMedica® Inc.

    TeraMedica is a healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. TeraMedica’s software manages the storage and distribution of digital medical images as well as other clinical content across healthcare and hospital systems, gathering images from imaging devices or PACS, storing them, and distributing them to the point of patient care. TeraMedica’s technology gives physicians virtual access to image data. TeraMedica software uses an advanced enterprise-scale database and “intelligent”, or rules-based, business logic to deliver fast, efficient image management. For more information visit:

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  • MZI HealthCare Demos EZ-ANALYTICS and EZ-CARE at HIMSS – #HIMSS12

    Analytics, Predictive Modeling and Comprehensive Care Management Solutions Facilitate Rapid Data Transformation in an Era of Accountable Care

    LAS VEGAS – February 20, 2012 – MZI HealthCare, LLC (MZIHC) (, a leading provider of transformative healthcare solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate its new EZ-ANALYTICS™ product and enhanced EZ-CARE™ solution at the 2012 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition held February 20-24, 2012 in Las Vegas. To see the demonstrations visit the company at booth #12220 and pick up a new white paper, “Healthcare Reform: Successful Strategies for IT-Enabled Transformation in an Era of Accountable, Coordinated Care,” written by Dr. Steven Gerst, renowned author and healthcare expert.

    EZ-ANALYTICS is a sophisticated healthcare data warehouse, analytics, and predictive modeling solution that enables healthcare organizations—and accountable care organizations (ACOs) in particular—to consolidate clinical and financial data from multiple sources to a single enterprise solution, which they can use to benchmark themselves against peers. With data aggregated in one place, organizations then have access to a complete 360-degree view of their healthcare data.

    EZ-ANALYTICS offers a full-spectrum of analytics and predictive modeling capabilities. It has the power to analyze data in multiple ways, perform flexible slice-and-dice reporting, and predict utilization and costs. For example, EZ-ANALYTICS enables organizations to analyze the chronic conditions and co-morbidities that exist in given populations. Using sophisticated data models, they can predict the healthcare needs, utilization trends, and costs associated with populations—and even drill down to episodes of care, as well as profiles of patients and providers. In addition, EZ-ANALYTICS tracks and reports on comparative benchmarks and more than 250 quality measures which include the 33 quality measures Medicare requires under current ACO rules, HEDIS and PQRS.

    MZI HealthCare will also be demonstrating EZ-CARE, a comprehensive care management solution. Designed by case managers for case managers, it drives an integrated approach to complex case management, utilization management, and disease management. Ensuring that a holistic view of patient care and evidence-based medicine is considered in treatment plans, EZ-CARE helps contain the costs of high-risk patient cases, while enabling organizations to improve quality of care. In addition, with its browser-based platform, EZ-CARE is now fully integrated with the EZ-CAP® v6 solution—more closely aligning care management with benefit administration to better ensure proper patient eligibility, authorization of services, and other complementary capabilities

    MZI HealthCare has an in-depth understanding of what organizations need in today’s era of accountable care and healthcare reform,” said NC Murthy, CEO of MZIHC. “Our integrated solutions offer data analytics and predictive modeling to help minimize the financial risk in future contracts, and the comprehensive care management capabilities to oversee the most risky segments of patient populations. These advanced systems—in coordination with our other EZ solutions—help to facilitate a more collaborative and preventive model that rewards quality as well as the appropriate stewardship of healthcare resources.”

    About MZI HealthCare, LLC

    MZI HealthCare, LLC (MZIHC), with offices in Longwood, Florida and Valencia, California, is a leading provider of transformative healthcare solutions to meet new clinical and performance requirements for accountable care and healthcare reform. With more than 25 years of experience in delivering advanced data management solutions to the healthcare market, MZIHC has a comprehensive understanding of the IT capabilities organizations need to design delivery models that optimize the efficiency, quality and cost of care, while minimizing the financial risk associated with a patient population. To learn more about our transformative solutions, visit or call (661) 310-9333.

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