Healthcare News December 8, 2012

  • Supreme Court to hear ‘pay-for-delay’ case

    The Supreme Court said Friday that it will hear a case involving so-called “pay for delay” settlements between brand-name and generic drug companies.

    The court will determine whether those settlements are a violation of antitrust law, as the Federal Trade Commission believes.

  • Holtz-Eakin: GOP governors enabling single-payer healthcare

    Republican governors are going down a slippery slope toward single-payer healthcare by resisting the key feature of President Obama’s healthcare law, according to conservative economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

    Republican governors have taken a hard line against setting up their own exchanges, which conservatives see as the best chance to undermine President Obama’s signature healthcare law. But as Holtz-Eakin noted in the National Review, that choice gives more power to the federal government.

    “Conservatives must recognize that establishing a state health-insurance exchange is not acquiescing to ObamaCare,” Holtz-Eakin wrote. “It is instead one of the best means available to fight it and to ensure that control remains where it belongs — in the states and with citizens.”

  • News bites: Doc-fix time

    Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said to be working on a bill to stall a Medicare physician pay cut [free reg. req’d].

    Democrats hint at entitlement program cuts in U.S. budget.

    Governors weigh options on health insurance exchanges. 

  • Black Caucus chairman backs means-testing to trim Medicare costs

    The comments from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver could suggest Dems are warming to the idea. 

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