Healthcare News August 30, 2012

  • Study: US tops France, Germany, UK in ‘potentially preventable’ deaths

    Americans younger than 65 are more likely to die from a lack of timely healthcare than their peers in France, Germany or the United Kingdom, according to a new study.

    Research published in Health Affairs looked at the rate of “potentially preventable” deaths — deaths before age 75 that could be avoided with timely and effective healthcare — and found that the United States lags behind its U.K. and European peers.

    The United States was also less effective than France, Germany and the United Kingdom in remedying the problem between 1999 and 2007, study authors wrote. 

  • Anti-abortion ‘personhood’ measure fails to make Colo. ballot

    A controversial “personhood” amendment may not qualify for the ballot this year in Colorado — another setback for a policy that has divided abortion-rights opponents.

    The Colorado secretary of state said Wednesday that personhood supporters don’t have enough valid signatures to get their proposal added to the November ballot.

    Planned Parenthood Action Fund celebrated the news, saying personhood won’t be on the ballot in any state this November — a big change from just months ago, when supporters were angling for ballot initiatives in several swing states.

  • Obama administration celebrates school-lunch overhaul

    Obama administration officials touted new school-lunch standards that will emphasize healthy eating and calorie controls for American students.

    The “long overdue” overhaul will promote fruits, vegetables and whole grains while reducing salty and fatty foods, officials said.

    The reform will also create a “friendlier food environment” for vegetarian and vegan students by allowing for meals containing tofu and more legumes, said Agriculture Under Secretary for Food Kevin Concannon. 

  • CDC: West Nile outbreak still biggest in US history

    Health officials warned Wednesday that the current outbreak of West Nile virus is still breaking records and prompting deaths in many states.

    The number of reported U.S. cases has reached 1,590 this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    The figure includes 66 deaths, 30 of which occurred in Texas. 

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