Healthcare News April 5, 2012

  • Senate Health panel floats proposal for speedy FDA approval of life-saving drugs

    The Senate panel with jurisdiction over the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday released a discussion draft of legislation aimed at accelerating patient access to innovative medical treatments for life-threatening diseases.

    The Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee’s bipartisan Drug Approval and Patient Access Plan would overhaul the FDA’s Accelerated Approval pathways and create a new “breakthrough” designation to provide more flexibility and certainty for developers of new medicines intended to address serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions.

  • Carney: Obama remark about Supreme Court was misunderstood

    The White House press secretary defended Obama’s remark that it would be “unprecedented” for justices to overturn the healthcare law.

  • Federal report warns of lax food and medicine safety standards in exporting nations

    Poor oversight of food and medical products in many exporting countries is putting American consumers at risk, the federal Institute of Medicine said in a report Wednesday.

    The report comes after fake Avastin tied to an Egyptian firm provoked a health scare among cancer patients late last year. It recommends 13 steps that the Food and Drug Administration can take in collaboration with federal agencies, regulated industries and foreign regulators over the next three to five years.

    According to the IOM, 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients, 40 percent of finished drugs and 85 percent of seafood consumed in America come from foreign countries. 

  • WTO rules against Obama administration cigarette ban

    The World Trade Organization demanded Wednesday that the Obama administration drop or amend its ban on flavored cigarettes that are used to target minors.

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