Healthcare News April 28, 2012

  • Report: Food and drink lobby hit anti-obesity efforts hard

    The food and beverage lobbies have fought hard in recent years to defeat policies aimed at changing America’s diet, according to an analysis published Friday.

    Industry groups more than doubled their spending in Washington over the last three years, Reuters found, and groups fighting for stricter standards were vastly outspent.

    Critics also said that the Obama administration has stepped back from pressuring the food industry to increase healthy options available to kids — a charge the White House denied.

    “We are incredibly proud of the commitments that many food companies have made, and are continuing to work with others to advocate for even more change to make sure our children are getting the healthy, nutritious food they need,” said Sam Kass, a senior White House policy adviser on food initiatives.

  • Norquist says Republican pharmacy proposal ‘incentivizes’ Medicare fraud

    McMorris Rodgers says her bill will increase transparency, while Norquist says it will exacerbate fraud and lead to tax hikes.

  • Former Obama adviser: Romney healthcare plan ‘most radical and divisive’ in history

    Mitt Romney’s healthcare platform is one of the most regressive proposals in U.S. history, said David Cutler, a prominent healthcare economist and a top adviser to President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    In a harshly worded blog post on the Journal of the American Medical Association website, Cutler criticized what he said is the “negativity” of Romney’s platform.

    “Romney’s plan will heal neither divisions nor sick Americans,” Cutler wrote. “Indeed, Romney’s health care ideas are the most radical and divisive of any candidate ever to run for President.”

  • House takes a swing at healthcare law and extends student loan rates

    Members approved extending low student loan interest rates in a 215-195 vote. 

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