Retirement: Win the Game of Risk

Moshe A. Milevsky is a math whiz who trains his brainpower on retirement planning. His view: Success comes to those who hedge their bets.

Interview by Eric Schurenberg, Money Magazine managing editor

Last Updated: September 11, 2008: 12:15 PM EDT

(Money Magazine) — The classic vision of retirement planning goes something like this: You start broke. You invest as best you can, and if nothing goes too terribly wrong, you finish with enough money to support yourself.

Retirement expert Moshe A. Milevsky, an associate professor at York University’s business school in Toronto, sees it a bit differently. In his view, you start with all the wealth you need in the form of your lifetime earning power. Your job is to convert that personal asset as efficiently as possible into financial assets you can live off once your earning power runs out.

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Internal Medicine Doctors: Fewer Go Into Field, New Research Shows

It can sometimes seem impossible to find a primary care physician in your area who’s covered by your insurance, but the issue may be larger than out-of-network versus in-network issues, a new study reports. The percentage of medical students who go into general, internal medicine has dropped precipitously in the past 20-some years, while a simultaneous increase in chronically ill baby boomers — coupled with what researchers refer to as an obesity epidemic — means that demand is way up.

Ultimately, there may not be enough primary care physicians to treat patients in the U.S. Continue Reading…

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